Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk

182 Knights Hill Rd

Knights Hill

NSW 2577

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After Dark Zipline Tour

When the sun goes down, join us for our After Dark Zipline Tour at the Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures. Your tour begins with a breathtaking twilight tour of the Treetop Walk, an experience where you can truly immerse yourself in the natural environment and experience the mystical rainforest of the Illawarra region in a different light. Then, under the cover of darkness, Zippers will navigate a series of cable spans and suspension bridges up to 35 metres above the forest floor including the super zip which is 106 metres long! Our experienced Tour Guides control all departures whilst providing you with an insight into the forest’s fascinating history and you may even be lucky enough to see some of the nocturnal animals which are out and about when the lights go out. Be prepared for an experience like no other as you strap on your night wings and fly like bats do, into the darkness of the warm temperate rainforest. 

For more information, please read the full Terms and Conditions

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  • Saturday 11th of May
  • Saturday 8th of June
  • Saturday 6th of July
  • Saturday 20th of July
  • Saturday 10th of August
  • Saturday 7th of September
  • Saturday 28th of September
  • Saturday 12th of October
  • Saturday 2nd November
  • Saturday 30th of November
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  • Access to the Treetop Walk for a twilight stroll overlooking the beautiful Illawarra Coastline
  • Zipline equipment (wet weather gear additional - $5 per jacket, $5 per pants)
  • Exclusive night time Zipline Tour
  • 4 cloud stations
  • 3 flights
  • 2 suspension bridges
  • Small group tour – Maximum 10 people
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Your schedule start time will vary depending on the time of year (differing seasons, daylight savings). An email will be sent to you 1 week prior to your Tour advising you of this start time. This start time will include the start time for your Treetop Walk as well as the start time for the Zipline.

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Your Zipline Tour will start 45minutes to 1 hour after completing your Twilight Treetop Walk. Your Zipline Tour will take 1.5hrs from start to finish which includes 3 cabled Ziplines and 2 cabled suspension bridges tucked amongst our beautiful Rainforest.

The 1.5hr Zipline Tour breaks down into a 20-25min safety briefing and harness fit with the Tour Guides, a 5-10min walk down a medium grade track to get to the start of the Zipline Course, up to 45min clipped in enjoying the treetops from a different perspective and remaining with your group from departure to touchdown, and then a 10minute walk back up to the Visitor Centre.

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  • You are required to wear weather appropriate clothing and fully enclosed, comfortable sporting or walking shoes that will not easily slip off
  • Any shoe that has an “open toe or heal” - including sandals, thongs, heels - are not permitted
  • On rainy days come prepared for the tour wearing wet weather jackets (pants recommended too) and on cold days you must come prepared for the tour wearing warm clothing
  • Bear in mind that even over the summer months it may be cool up in the tree canopy. Singlets, skirts will not be suitable attire for the full body harness
  • Water bottle to stay hydrated or purchase one at our Café 106
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After Dark Zipline Tour

Exclusive night time Zipline Tour
After Dark Zip


  • Access to the Treetop Walk for a twilight stroll overlooking the beautiful Illawarra coastline
  • 2 hour experience with 4 cloud stations, 3 flights and 2 suspension bridges