Teachers Go Free This School Holiday

Come and visit for free this school holiday! This gives you the opportunity to explore, discover and experience the Treetop Adventure Walk before you bring your students. Simply show some teacher identification or your BOSTES card at the admissions desk.

The Illawarra escarpment is home to a wide range of native flora and fauna. Enjoy our Treetop Walk and you may be lucky enough to see a resident wombat scurrying back into its burrow. You may spot the treetop habitats of possums, gliders and the intriguing Powerful Owl, and if you don’t see him you’ll definitely hear the calls of the majestic Lyrebird. From your perch high in the treetop it’s obvious there’s an abundance of flora too. Interpretive signs along the walk provide useful information on the local flora and fauna. Here’s just a taste of what you might uncover along the way…

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