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Officially the highest zipline tour in Australia, the Illawarra Fly Zipline Tour involves flying on a series of cable spans and navigating suspension bridges, up to 35 metres above the forest floor!

Including a full body harness, helmet and a unique continuous attachment system to get you up in the trees, participants will see the trees and forest ecology in a new light and learn about our growing and vibrant forests whilst capturing unparalleled views of everything from the forest floor, into the canopy and a glimpse out to the Pacific Ocean.  Our experienced guides will control all departures and arrivals whilst providing you with an insight into our forest’s history and its features – it’s an experience you won’t forget!

Our Zipline Tours have scheduled departure times with limited spaces, so please advance your booking prior to arrival to avoid disappointment. Please note late arrivals will result in a $15.00 Reschedule Fee per booking. Please read the full terms & conditions for more information. You’ll need to have enclosed toe, sturdy footwear that won’t slip off, and come dressed appropriately for the activity and weather.

Read the full terms & conditions of zipline here.

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